Trailer hitch saves the day, and my truck

The summer toys are put away and and the snow toys are tuned and delivered ready to put a smile on someones face. That's were I stood a just over a year ago looking at my trusty rusty trailer hitch receiver and 2" ball. Gotta get this off the truck next chance I get...then winter hit, got really cold, and so it stayed in the receiver until a careless driver decided to impale her subaru on it. I saw her coming but had nowhere to go so I braced for impact. Walking to the back of the car, imagining how much longer my day just got, I was pleasantly surprised to find not a scratch on my truck besides the paint on the hitch. The subi's rad was now empty and at that point I decided the hitch will not leave the receiver ever again no matter how rusty it will eventually get.  Since that time I've had the misfortune to be in another situation with a rude bimmer driver rolling up so close to me, not leaving space for another merging driver in a construction zone, that he actually rolled onto the hitch, tore off his front license and dented his bumper. After the 'nudge' from behind I got out of my car already sure the hitch took one for team again and it did.  I handed the license plate to the rude bastard and went on my way.


Just a quick legal note.  Insurance companies hate this practice because of the increased cost of repair.  They would much rather see two bumpers collide and then only have to repair one through the no fault system. I feel that if you want to slam into my rear end, you'll have to pay the price.  The insurance companies have lobbied some jurisdictions to enact by-laws to prevent you from driving around with a removable trailer hitch and no trailer. Check your local laws. As far as I know the only by-law existing in Ontario is in the London area but don't take my word for it. In the USA there are whole states with these laws but you'd have get a police officer pretty pissed to cite for it when you are from out of state.

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