Taylors Recycled Plastic Products

IMG_3124.JPGA bit of history first. I bought my first (and last) Taylors products about a dozen years ago. I splurged on their patio tables and they have been in the same spot outside since that time. Beside a little bit of wear, they are as good as new.  At Taylors it's a story that repeats itself all the time. They build stuff that lasts forever and realized the only way to get repeat customers is to start making different things. This is where the "do want" comes in because we really like the new Muskoka chairs. We've had more than a few wood ones that have ended up as kindling after a few years of abuse and, I admit, had they been better cared for they might have lasted longer.  Thing is, "Docktime Made Easy" rules require an almost "set it and forget it" mentality for everything. Thus, I have left my patio table in the same spot 24/7/365 for a dozen years.  Now we would like to do the same with some muskoka chairs. They are going to look awesome on the dock and probably will outlast the wood they're sitting on. The only difference is we will bolt them down because at around $250 a pop they're as good as gold (or gas) on the lake. The hard thing now is to decide on what colour to choose. If you have a suggestion please comment.IMG_3123.JPG


Docking Made Easy with the Dock Wand!

Luc Cote of Dock Wand showed us his innovative new product, at the 2012 Toronto Boat Show, that makes docking easy. So simple that we're amazed no one had thought of this before. In his words:

It always bothered me that there were so few, if any devices to assist in docking a vessel. I consider docking to be, by far, the most difficult and dangerous procedure a boater must undertake. As an avid boater, and owner of a busy water taxi service in Toronto Harbour, it is something I have had to do upwards of 100 times a day during peak season. No matter how perfectly you place the boat beside the dock, it will invariably move to a more undesirable spot by the time you run from the helm, jump off with your lines and attempt to tie off. For several years I have designed and constructed numerous mechanical systems to try and automate the docking process, and had some success along the way. It's rather amusing how complex ideas are eventually reduced to simple elements. Dock wand is the culmination of all that effort, thought process and experience on the water. It's with great excitement that I launch what I believe to be a game-changer in the way we dock our boats.

Ingenious, yet uncomplicated, The Patent Pending Dock Wand can have you handling your boat like a pro within minutes. Adaptable for all sizes and types of vessels, power, sail, runabouts, pontoons, and functional on any kind of dock cleat. A one-time initial setup for your vessel takes approximately 5 minutes, after which Dock Wand can be deployed with the wave of your wrist. Dock Wand permits you to dock and launch without having to transition between the boat and the dock, providing you with an increased level of safety and confidence.

Here's a list of Dealers.  Luc told us there will be more added all the time so you might want to give them a call (416) 992-7871 to see if a new dealer has been added closer to your location.


Keeping Your Cottage Screen Doors Intact Made Easy

Another great idea from a The Cottage Life Forum member:

If you have sliding patio doors, you or somebody else has walked into or through the screen not even aware it was closed.  I came up with the idea of sewing old fishing lures onto the screen and yes, I removed the hooks first...

 For this and many more great ideas, discussions and more check out the forum here!


DockDeal Alert: 4-Ton Log Splitter

In our More Docktime...Five Important Steps post we mention 'power equipment...the more the better' and most cottages have a fireplace or at least a fire pit.  Unless you're built like Paul Bunyan or have kids old enough to 'chore' them into splitting a pile of firewood you might want to check out this deal.  Canadian Tire is offering an electric log splitter for half price.  Around our cottage we used to pile wood and when it was big enough go rent a splitter for the day. At this price it's a no brainer...

Yardworks 4-Ton Log Splitter $199

  • 1¾ HP engine with 4-ton splitting capacity
  • Cylinder splits logs up to 20½" (51 cm) in length
  • Mobile base for easy positioning

The splitter has a 4.9 out of 5 review with pages positive comments and the listing is here.  The sale ends October 6, 2011...all I can say is leave one for me!


Delicious Cottage Turkey Made Easy...and Fast!

I had the opportunity to fry myself a bird last Thanksgiving and am eagerly awaiting to do it again!. The oven at the cottage where we spend Thanksgiving had been acting up for quite a while and instead of relying upon it to produce the centrepiece of our feast, I opted go the southern route and fry it.  Our turkey cooked in under an hour and boy was it yummy!


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