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Quickie Seadoo 230 Wake Graphics and Bimini Upgrade

Our 2007 Seadoo 230 Wake was looking a little aged... The graphics were dated and the tower combined with the bimini posts, was getting a somewhat crowded.

It was time to put a little effort to bring the boat into this decade.  First off were the decals.  A couple of hours with a hair dryer and fingernail took care of all but a few of the decals.  A quick transformation resulting in a cleaner look!

That was the easy part.  Dealing with the overhead crowding situation took a little more effort.  We had enquired at the Toronto Boat show SeaDoo booth regarding an upgrade to a simpler. sleeker tower and discovered that it was not possible since the hull wouldn't be reinforced in the proper locations.  We moved on to plan B, got rid of the original bimini poles instead, and went to Monster Tower for a solution.  We chose the bimini cargo rack as a replacement.

With about and hour of assembly followed by another hour of measuring, drilling, measuring, drilling, we had a 'floating' bimini that could also carry a days worth of boards and skis around the lake.  Clean and understated, the Seadoo is now ready to ride into the rest of 2012, looking a lot less 2007!

Next upgrade: Modifying the ballast system to allow for a hose to be attached to spray down and wash out the boat after a day at the beach....