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Taylors Recycled Plastic Products

IMG_3124.JPGA bit of history first. I bought my first (and last) Taylors products about a dozen years ago. I splurged on their patio tables and they have been in the same spot outside since that time. Beside a little bit of wear, they are as good as new.  At Taylors it's a story that repeats itself all the time. They build stuff that lasts forever and realized the only way to get repeat customers is to start making different things. This is where the "do want" comes in because we really like the new Muskoka chairs. We've had more than a few wood ones that have ended up as kindling after a few years of abuse and, I admit, had they been better cared for they might have lasted longer.  Thing is, "Docktime Made Easy" rules require an almost "set it and forget it" mentality for everything. Thus, I have left my patio table in the same spot 24/7/365 for a dozen years.  Now we would like to do the same with some muskoka chairs. They are going to look awesome on the dock and probably will outlast the wood they're sitting on. The only difference is we will bolt them down because at around $250 a pop they're as good as gold (or gas) on the lake. The hard thing now is to decide on what colour to choose. If you have a suggestion please comment.IMG_3123.JPG

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