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More Docktime...Five important steps!

For many, the May long weekend signals the beginning of cottage season and our thoughts turn to how much work can we get done and/or avoid before enjoying some dock time. We have put together some points to help you achieve this goal.

Keeping in mind if time is money, then time at the cottage relaxing vs. doing chores will also cost money and every time-starved cottager has to put a value on dock-time vs working at the cottage.  Our ideal arrangement includes the following (not in any particular order):

 Water System 

Install a PROPER year-round or super simple to operate system (one that can be winterized or started in a manner of minutes) even if you have a seasonal cottage.   Mornings and/or afternoons spent messing around with antique systems and burst pipes can add up to a wasted day in the spring and then fall.


Make a constant effort to keep the cottage easy to clean ie. no carpets to collect dirt and reduce clutter to a minimum. (remember the boathouse is where you keep all the crap you don't want to throw away).  Buy a Roomba cleaning robot that you can schedule to clean the whole place while your not there.  

 We've got People

Use a cleaning service inside and/or out at the beginning of each season and eliminate the whole opening weekend hassle of tidying the place up.  What a feeling to arrive after a long winter to a fresh clean cottage!

 More power...Automate and Motorize

Appliances and power equipment...the more the better.  A dishwasher is a must as is a self cleaning oven.  For power equipment get a leaf blower, weed wacker and log splitter (if you have a fireplace) to cut down time spent keeping things tidy outside.

 Work your Tidy Zone

Delineate a tidy zone outside.  You don't necessarily have to maintain your whole property around the cottage.  Your going there to spend time with nature so let nature invade your space.  Determine the areas you need to be tidy and clean...driveways, pathways, parking areas, play areas, patios etc and a certain distance away simply ignore...within reason.

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