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Play Pac-Man with your Cottage Roads and More with Waze!

 I've been using Waze (user:Traks) on my iPhone (also available for Android and Blackberry) for almost a year now and if you like to get a little more fun out of your GPS app, this is the one for you.  Waze is a free voice-guided navigation system with real-time traffic alerts from other drivers on the road.  Sure it's great for turn-by-turn navigation and even better, its network of drivers will alert you to traffic, accidents, speed cams and police traps, but the real fun is its game mode which allows you to play Pac-Man with your car. Road goodies (presents, hammers, cherries) are placed in areas where there are gaps in Waze's map data. As you drive over and munch these icons, your GPS is updating the map and you are earning bonus points.  These road goodies can change on a seasonal basis and you may even find treasure chests to unlock with surprises inside!  Earn more points and you get to increase your ranking among users.Waze's other great feature is Waze Groups.  Say you are traveling to the cottage with friends in a multi-car caravan.  By creating your own group you can instantly send messages to each other and keep track of all members on the map through your own special group icon.  Accident or police trap up ahead?  No problem, the lead driver can easily shoot the information out to all members.  You can even stay connected with your group outside of Waze using Facebook or Twitter.
Try Waze yourself and have some fun on your next roadtrip!




Now, we don't advocate using Radar Detection devices in locales where they are prohibited by law. We're just putting this press release out there in recognition of a new trend of radar detection hidden inside a GPS dash units making them a popular item because of how difficult it will be to tell the difference from an ordinary unit. I expect it to be popular with the 'leave late, gotta rush to 'da lake' crowd. Plus we do like to support a product manufactured in our own backyard sort to say...

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