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DIY Bug-Zapping Light Saber

Tired of swatting bugs the old-fashioned way? Ever sit on the dock and dream of being a lightsaber-wielding Jedi knight.  Well here's a step-by-step project from Hack a Day to complete that goal !  It may look a little crude but was completed in 20 minutes.  Just think what the final product would look like of you dedicated a whole rainy day at the lake.

Hack a Day advised:

If I were to do this again with a goal of making it nicer, I would do the following.

-use a higher quality light saber that actually lights up. sound effects wouldn’t hurt either.

-stuff the circuit into the light saber handle. It would look so much nicer.

-find some new screen material instead of re-using the material from the racquet.

Please note that this is not a toy but a purpose-built bug killing tool so children need not apply... Full details here


An interesting take on the Muskoka chair...

 When faced with need, imagination and creativity prevail.  Read the full article in the David Report here.