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Santa's Outhouse

Best Wishes from all of us to all of You!


The Complete Docktime Experience...Caught on Video!

I think we have found the winner of a contest never announced.   If there was one, with the rules to put the complete Docktime experience into 12 minutes of video, it has been won!  We love the facial expressions and the politically correct boathouse that includes MasterCraft AND Nautique boats... Great job jdubdc on the best compilation of cottage life we've seen in a long time...


Snow Boating

Now that snow is just about to, or already covering the ground in most of cottage country, here's a quick roundup of videos showing the extent folks will go to get their boating fix anyway!

Watch out for the...Don't forget the life vest...The right idea on the wrong hill...Now let's use the BMW...Maybe the ATV will have better traction...How's about more power and less brains...Why don't we just make a snowboatmobile...We hope that takes a bit of the chill out of your day!


Georgian Bay April Fools...Very Appropriate!

Massive open water crossings on snowmobiles! Filmed by helicopter on Georgian Bay, Fueled by Redbull...


Crazy Canadian at Cottage

Snow is on the horizon and we though this would be appropriate. : "What do two engineers do at the cottage when given a 2 story cottage...canadian beer...three feet of snow, and a video camera."  The Docktime judge gives it a perfect 10 (both times.)