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Yamaha Introduces 2012 Waverunners® and Boats

Yamaha unveiled their 2012 line-up to hundreds of excited dealers at the annual product premiere at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort last week. They also launched a new website. We're going to try and get all the facts straight and include as many videos as we can find. There are some exciting new features and specs for all you Yamaha Fans out there.

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Here it begins...

Our first post will not be our finest, nor will it be the worst.  This clip encapsulates the motivating factors of this site: Docktime is the best time.  The person filming this short clip captured the true meaning of our shared cottage experience.  I have no doubt how proud they were of their place in this world at that very moment.  As for us, the editors, and you, the reader, we hope there is no place you'd rather be also!