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UXO meeting delayed till the new year...

Wellers Bay's wicked sandbar has been off limits for many years now.  Efforts to re-open it for public use are riddled with red tape.  Here's the latest from the Friends of Wellers Bay: "The UXO meeting schedule for Dec 8 has been CANCELLED. We heard from Mauricio Martinez of UXO writing that they "need to postpone the proposed December 8th Wellers Bay Stakeholders Consultative Group’s meeting due to delays in completing the field work." He went on to say that "we need sufficient time to receive, review the reports and determine the next steps." A new meeting will be scheduled in the new year."


What's on your wishlist....

We're assembling our Ultimate Docktime Christmas shopping list.  If you have any suggestions send them to docktimenews at yahoo dot ca!  Please subject them as "Stocking Stuffer" (under $100), "Do Want" ($100-$5,000), and "Hell 'Ya" ($5,000 and up, gasoline sold separately...)


Some Stoke for the Boat Show...

"I got a new Malibu 23LSV last month and the boat has been amazing. I hurt my shoulder a couple weeks ago on that quarter pipe hit so we have been wake surfing a bunch over the last week or so. The surf wake is insane." -Chad Sharpe

Wake Surfing from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.


Crazy Canadian at Cottage

Snow is on the horizon and we though this would be appropriate. : "What do two engineers do at the cottage when given a 2 story cottage...canadian beer...three feet of snow, and a video camera."  The Docktime judge gives it a perfect 10 (both times.)


Chef Challenge with Gordon Ramsay!

Our favorite cottage country Chef, Ivars Rasa (of Midland's Library Restaurant fame) and owner of Ivars Catering has thrown his hat into the race to raise money for cancer research.  The top 10 fundraisers get to cook with some of the top chef's in the Chef's Challenge, the Ultimate Battle for a Cure, with Gordon Ramsay, in support of Mount Sinai Hospital.  Click here to support Chef Ivars!