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Heyday Inboards WT-1 News Roundup

Heyday Inboards is crashing the affordable tow boat party in 2016 with it’s WT-1.  Here’s a roundup of the 'tractor' info so far...

 Heyday's WT-1 started with a simple goal - create a small boat that throws a big wake. Hull design is everything. After spending countless hours in R&D with top wake hull engineer "Cotton" Welshan (a 30-year veteran in the watersports industry), Heyday crafted a hull that works perfectly for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Heyday’s 117 degree angled transom creates a natural curl as water is pulled off of each rounded corner at separate times, creating a massive surf wake that can be easily transferred side-to-side. At speed, the hull also throws a perfect wake for wakeboarding.

Price Point: Starting at $299 USD/Month

Ballast: 1,200 Pounds

Seating Capacity:  9 Persons

Length: Under 20 Feet

Beam:  Width 8’0”

Dry Weight:  Appox. 3,150 Pounds

Fuel Capacity: 35 Gallons

Draft: Depth 31"


The essentials: WAKE | TUNES| CREW


The WT-1 is designed to be cost-effective. We eliminated unnecessary equipment that often becomes costly and prone to potential failure. Our hull was intelligently crafted to throw a massive wake for both surfing and wakeboarding. After spending countless hours developing a layout that is both functional and comfortable, we have given the WT-1 a unique center-console design that comfortably seats up to nine. And of course, we added a Bluetooth-enabled speaker system to make sure you never miss a beat.  With these key design changes, Heyday is able to provide a high quality product that will keep you and your boat in the water and out of the shop.


With any tow boat, power is essential. The PCM Challenger is Heyday's 5.7L that harnesses 350HP to reliably get the boat on plane so you can maximize riding time. At the dash, billet toggle switches allow you to simply set up the wake for your preference of surfing, riding, or cruising.


The tablet-based dash pairs with your engine...and your life.

The WT-1 comes equipped with a dash mount for a 10” Android Tablet that has the power to connect directly to your boat in a couple of different ways:


• Heyday App: Wirelessly communicate engine data to your tablet including Gallons Per Hour, RPM, Percent Fuel, Volts, GPS Speed, Engine Hours, Oil PSI, Engine Temp


• Bluetooth Pairing: Sync music, GoPro App, Social Media connection & music streaming services (requires carrier subscription)


 You like to keep things fresh? So do we. The WT-1 allows you to change the exterior color of your boat anytime. Choose from the below colors and next year, if you’re feeling a revamp, bring it by your dealer and pick another. If you want the same color on the inside, no problem! We’ll integrate it as a vinyl accent color. The color you optioned for the interior also is represented on the swim platform.


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