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National Pro Staff and What It Can Do For You!

Serious about tournament fishing?
Want to take your career to the next level?

NPS was established to bridge the gap between the general angler and the Professionally Sponsored Angler. We work with dedicated Teams of Sponsored Anglers from major Companies and Outfitters to deliver the best quality fishing information specific to each individual. This is done by allowing direct access to these Anglers and allowing someone to gain valuable information that is relevant to them.

By joining NPS and choosing to follow these exceptional anglers, someone is able to create their own personal account delivering custom fishing reports and news that is not only on time information, but its most relevant to them. This information includes local information specific to an area from the local Pro's as well as current best proven tactics for different fish species of interest.

Here at NPS we have also simplified and taken much work out of the pursuit of professional sponsorship for the average Amateur Angler. People are able to not only apply to the companies we work with but also upgrade their account and have a Public Amateur Pro profile of their own that allows them to generate a fan base and prove their worth as a potential Pro-Staff in the Fishing Industry.
More info straight from NPS...

You can sign up and follow me here!

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