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Team BaitMe: Going, Going and Out with a Bang!

Prepping for our upcoming tournament on Lake Erie, Team BaitMe was out on the water, confirming our honey holes, searching for those giant Smallmouths. With only one day of pre-fishing completed before tournament day, we had put together our game plan which included finding five quick fish and then spending the rest of the day dragging deep water in search of Lake Erie's famous behemoth. It is no secret that the bluffs bar can and does hold big fish, and to no one's  surprise there were a lot of teams pre-fishing the bar that day.

As we pulled up, I lowered the trolling motor and out went my tube. I turned on my bow Lowrance HDS units in order to start painting a picture for us and before I could even push the power button –FISH ON! First fish in the boat was 3.5 lbs, not bad for 20 seconds of fishing time. As the day continued, BaitMe was able to put together a half decent bag of fish, enough that we were feeling confident in our day’s weight and in our ability to reproduce the same results the next day. Satisfied, we headed to the hotel to refresh ourselves with some cold Steam Whistle, where we re-tied our baits, confirmed our plan and finally gave the Ranger/Evinrude a quick cleaning and waxing.

On tournament day the boat was launched by 6:15 am.  Having checked-in with the tournament officials, BaitMe had enough time for a quick coffee and for some final business on shore before Blast-off. Teams 1-5 had launched and we were now waiting for our signal to go. The high sign to go full throttle was given and we were up and gone. Approximately 8 minutes into our run in the middle of Lake Erie, tragedy struck. Without warning my boat came off plane, with the engine gone dead silent. My first reaction was to look at any warning lights but there were no lights or beeping of any kind. Next check was the kill switch, good to go. What the f**k! I conducted a check down below, making sure the battery cables were tight and the fuel bulb was good.  I hit the start code, and that’s when the Check Engine light came on. “This can’t be good”. Our 2nd tournament on Lake Erie was already done and we hadn’t even picked-up a fishing rod.  We put the trolling motor down, made a 180 degree turn and headed back to the launch site. Three and a half hours later we had finally come back to the Marina, where we once again checked back-in...shortest tournament ever. With enough battery power left we got the Ranger back on her trailer. My instinct told me not to look under the cowling but curiosity was killing me. What the hell happened? Will this be expensive or something simple? I popped the cowling off and had a look. The first thing I noticed was a crack in the power head (holy crap!) and on the other side of the engine, a beautiful oval shaped hole in the core of the engine (holy double crap!). That’s what I call a blown/cooked power head. Oh the tears!

My 03 Evinrude 250 DI had served me well for many years, without any real mechanical issues to note, however, I guess it was my turn to join the ranks of other blown engine owners/victims.  I always have been, and will continue to be an Evinrude Guy. With a final salute to my 250 DI engine, I say bring on the 2011 E-tec 250 HO!

Reader Comments (1)

Docktime; "If you look closely enough, I think I see lip marks on the cowl. I hope Mark lit a candle and popped a bottle of synthetic first!"

Markus: "I did lock my lips with her a little, ok maybe allot."

September 15, 2011 | Registered CommenterDocktime

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