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Found Them and Lost Them on Lake St. Clair

As the tournament season was starting to unfold for 2011, I must admit that the BaitMe team was getting very anxious to hit the water and find giant Lake St.Clair smallmouth. My partner and I spent two days on the water scoping out new areas and confirming old ones in preparation for the first tournament of the year. Friday of that weekend was spent near the south end of the lake near Belle River Hump. Hot weather and the humidity were almost unbearable however we were determined and focused to find some smallmouth giants. Deep, shallow, slow and fast moving baits were all experimented with and we put a pattern together by 2 pm. Mike and I were able to boat 19.5lbs in one area using dark green tubes and crank baits. That’s what I call a great day for pre-fishing! We were confident that this little gem of an area was to become our starting location on tournament day. The BaitMe smile was starting to grow.Saturday came along with more hot and humid weather. The BaitMe mission for day two was to confirm and locate a kicker fish location. These big old mamas are the ones that will bring us over the top come weigh-in time. We ended up on a large flat, casting various crank and CL Fishin spinner baits in 10 feet of water looking for those aggressive strikes. By noon Mike had landed a real hooper tipping my scales over 5.5 lbs. Moments later, we saw a follower chasing our crank bait to the boat. It was extremely difficult at this moment not to follow-up with soft plastic bait, however we were there to find them, not catch them. We had now confirmed our kicker fish location. The BaitMe team donned a well deserved full bore grin. We were feeling confident and were ready for tournament day. It was time to hit the hotel, re-tie our lines and relax with some painfully cold Steam Whistle and AC.Tournament day was upon us and we were already afloat, paid-up and enjoying a Tim Horton’s coffee by 6:00 am. BaitMe was team #9 scheduled to depart at seven. The tournament boats blasted off into a very strong wind, which made for an exceptionally rough and long ride. What was going to be a great day had quickly turned sour. Water clarity, wind direction, water temperature changes, and cloud cover conspired to ruin our sweet spot. Our honey hole was now only producing 2 lbs fish. The decision to remain and wait them out was made, which became our fatal mistake. By noon we were scrambling.

As the day came to an end we were not able to produce a heavy bag of fish, however that’s tournament fishing. You take the good days with the bad ones! Next up Long Point, Lake Erie. I would like to thank our sponsors: Docktime, CL Fishin, 22 Auto Body, and AKWA for their awesome BaitMe support!

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BaitMe congratulation goes out to both first place winning teams of Dave Damers, Chris Sherman & Brad Coon, Todd Steel, with an impressive 21.1 Lbs bag. Would also like to thank Dean, Cindy, and Joe of TBBA for an extremely well run tournament.

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarkus Brants

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